Eurotempest SDIP-55 certified

Eurotempest B.V. is now formally accredited to SDIP-55 according to NATO:s publications for appointing and accrediting TEMPEST test authorities. The accreditation is ratified by the national TEMPEST Authority (NTA) in the Netherlands. The accreditation process focuses primarily on qualifying and controlling products to meet the requirements of Level A and Level B.

CESG certified EUROTEMPEST products

Eurotempest are proud to announce the release of two new TEMPEST products, independently evaluated according to the criteria of the CESG formal TEMPEST certification scheme. Certified products include the Eurotempest Modulus T-FTC1.1 Thin Client and the Eurotempest 2-port fibre router, both certified to
TEMPEST level SDIP 27 level A.

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