Modulus TC 303-A TEMPEST computer

Eurotempest no.1 standard tower computer for business use.

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The Eurotempest Modulus TC series of TEMPEST level A tower computers are very reliable and cost-effective. They offer excellent business computing performance and are available with comprehensive service and maintenance packages. The Modulus TC series are highly flexible and can host a broad variety of configurations.

Additional information


Intel®-based motherboard with Intel® 200 Series chipset


7th generation Intel® Core processors; Intel® Core™ compatibility; i3, i5 or i7 processors available


16 GB DDR4 2400MHz (2 x 8 GB DIMM), max 64 GB in 4 x DIMM motherboard option.


Various SSD or HDD storage configurations available; standard configuration is 500 GB HDD. Lockable, front-loaded cradle(s) behind lockable door.


Standard integrated intel® HD Graphics 600 series. Dedicated graphics configurations available on request.


Allied Telesis AT2711 integrated 100 mbit fiberoptic interface. FX/SC, FX/ST or LEMO connectors available.


4 x DSUB-9 USB 3.0/2.0 serial ports on back panel (default); 2 x keyboard/mouse, 2 x external. Up to 6 ports on back panel
RS-232 serial port connectivity (optional)
ISO 7816 smart card reader behind door (optional)
LEMO USB connectors (optional)