Modulus VTC2 video conference system

Cisco EX90

Eurotempest extends its range of Tempest certified video conferencing systems with the Modulus T-VTC2. The system is based on the Cisco TelePresence EX series and hosts a 24″ high resolution screen and a 8″ touch screen control unit.

The system is fully integrated and allows face-to-face collaboration with distant colleagues, reducing the need for costly and time consuming traveling.

The embedded Cisco Multisite feature allows up to four locations to be simultaneously connected to the same session.

The Modulus T-VTC2 system may be complemented with evaluated IP encryption options where certified end-to-end security is required.

Download data sheet here.

Modulus MPC multi-layer PC


Eurotempest is proud to present its latest development, taking secure TEMPEST computing to the next level. Modulus MPC is a multi-layer PC. Modulus MPC incorporates four galvanically separated computer environments in a single desktop computer enclosure.  Modulus MPC allows the user to switch between four different computer domains without risk of cross-contamination of signals or data.

You may download the MPC product sheet here. For enquiries, please contact

Eurotempest Panasonic Premier Partner

Eurotempest Panasonic Premium Partner for TEMPEST
Eurotempest Panasonic Premier Partner for TEMPEST

Eurotempest has been elected Panasonic Premier Partner for TEMPEST solutions involving Panasonics products in the European marketplace. Eurotempest certifies Panasonic’s range of popular rugged computer products to the highest levels of NATO and EU standards for compromising emanations, ensuring that Panasonic’s products meet the most stringent standards for high-assurance security.

Eurotempest provides NATO SDIP and EU IASG TEMPEST versions of Panasonic’s complete range of products, such as the popular CF-31 and CF-53 rugged Toughbooks as well as the latest additions of Panasonic industry-leading tablets.

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Modulus T 2405 Level A monitor

2405xEurotempest has added a 24-inch monitor to its range of TEMPEST level A products. Modulus T 2405-A is a standard 24-inch TEMPEST LED monitor based on HP’s professional and reliable 2405 series of monitors. Special features include a very high dynamic contrast ratio, plus the fact that the monitor can be twisted 90 degrees to facilitate portrait-mode edititing.

Download the data sheet for  Modulus T 2405-A TEMPEST monitor.


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Eurotempest SDIP-55 certified

Eurotempest B.V. is now formally accredited to SDIP-55 according to NATO:s publications for appointing and accrediting TEMPEST test authorities. The accreditation is ratified by the national TEMPEST Authority (NTA) in the Netherlands. The accreditation process focuses primarily on qualifying and controlling products to meet the requirements of Level A and Level B.