Modulus T EN-1 PC Enclosure

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The Modulus T EN-1 PC TEMPEST enclosure is designed to host a standard PC computer unit, designed to meet TEMPEST Level A requirements for standard PC computers.

Modulus T EN-1 PC TEMPEST enclosure is a suitable solution for office environments using standard PC computers with standard performance specifications, and where the PC operating unit may be replaced without third-party technical interaction or security logistics.

Additional information

USB ports (rear panel)

5 x TEMPEST-filtered USB (D9)

Networking, fiberoptic connectivity

1 x FX/FC


1 x RJ 45

Video connection interface

1 x VGA, 1 x DisplayPort

TEMPEST performance

Designed to meet TEMPEST NATO SDIP/27 or EU Standard IASG 04-03 Level A

Power supply

TEMPEST-filtered (EUR plug)

Dimensions (W x D x H)

230 x 505 x 572mm

Other features

Dual door system, lockable
Customizable connection panel
Door open screen blanking (optional)
Dual fan units