Modulus T EN-4 Printer enclosure


The Modulus T EN-4 Printer enclosure is designed as a generic TEMPEST level A solution for standard office laser printers. T EN-4 is designed to meet NATO SDIP-27 or EU IASG 04-03 level A for standard office printers, and allows for minor customisations for specific printer series of the various printer manufacturing brands.

Additional information

USB ports (rear panel)

1 x TEMPEST-filtered USB (D9)

Fiberoptic connector type


TEMPEST powerline-filtering

Device-integrated TEMPEST power-line filtering

Power supply

TEMPEST-filtered power-line feed through

Other features

Lockable door

TEMPEST certification

Designed to meet NATO SDIP-27 / EU IASG 04-03 Level A

Dimensions (W x D x H)

650 x 650 x 480 mm (typical*)


6.5 kg (typical*)


*) Dimensions/weight are provided as examples only and may vary depending on OEM printer category