Modulus T R1-A TEMPEST rack

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The TR-line of TEMPEST racks are based on durable and reliable rack frames from renowned companies such as Rittal or Schroff and then converted and designed to meet the most stringent TEMPEST standards. Each TEMPEST rack is customised to the customer’s specifications for networking, serial data, video connectivity, power distribution and cooling ventilation.

Additional information

Rack type

20U, 24U, 42U OR 46U Rittal or Schoff-based 19'' rack 

Load capacity

Up to 1000 kg

Mounting frame

Tubular frame with mounting in three directions – by height, width, and depth for maximum space utilisation


1U heavy-duty temperature-controlled fan unit (2-6 fans depending on rack load)

Cooling Capacity

7000 BTU (2 kW)/hour (typical)

Locking mechanism

3-point lockable

Connectivity panel options

1 – 10 x USB DSUB9 TEMPEST-filtered USB connectors
1 – 10 x VGA DSUB15 TEMPEST-filtered connectors
1 – 4 x HDMI, DVI or display port connectors
1 – 24 x fiber optic FX/SC, FC/ST or FX/LC connectors
1-10 x RJ45 ethernet connectors

TEMPEST features

Fully sealed enclosure with mesh-fitted door(s)
TEMPEST waveguide (when applicable)
1 – 2 x TEMPEST-filtered  power-line connections

TEMPEST specifications

Designed to meet NATO TEMPEST SDIP-27 or EU IASG 04-03 level A