Modulus LC7-A TEMPEST laptop

Modulus LC7-A TEMPEST laptop

Eurotempest now releases the Modulus LC7-A high-performance, 17-inch laptop. LC7-A is based on Hewlett-Packard’s high-performance line of professional laptops, aimed at users with workstation-like requirements. LC7-A comes with a 17 inch, 1920×1080 display and a discrete high-performance integrated graphics card.

For details, download the product sheet for LC7-A here.

Modulus SFF5 Small Form Factor TEMPEST computer

SFF-5 TEMPEST computer
TEMPEST ultra-small form factor

We have now updated the configuration of our Ultra Small Form Factor (USSF) TEMPEST computer. SFF5-A has a very small footprint on the desktop, but still offers high-performance specifications equal to those found in standard desktop systems. The SFF5-A is highly configurable and comes with a full range of configuration options depending on the user’s needs.

Download the Modulus SFF5-A computer product sheet  for detailed information.

Updated images of IRIS-1 Incident response display

IRIS-1 Rugged display

While rendered pictures look nice, it is even nicer to have images of the real thing.  The following pictures are from a demo we recently had in Farnborough of our incident response display.  The IRIS-1 is an excellent solution for those looking to collect data from various locations (pictures, movies, documents etc) and have them managed and displayed simultaneously at a command center. The IRIS-1 is a 12-point rugged multi-touch solution built around a bright 42-inch display, allowing several people to gather and interact around the same control surface.

We have also updated our product sheet which can be downloaded here.

TMC2-A TEMPEST media converter

The Modulus TMC2-A is a high-speed media converter, converting from copper-based Ethernet to Fiber Ethernet. The converter is completely transparent to the network, meaning that no converter-specific configuration of the network is required.  The TMC2-A sports a small, convenient and lightweight TEMPEST enclosure. TMC2-A weighs a little more than 500 grams.

Download TMC2-A TEMPEST media converter data sheet PDF here