Eurotempest logitistics center

Eurotempest has expanded its Nuenen facility with a logistics center in Nuenen, the Netherlands.
The center expands Eurotempest’s delivery capacity and makes additional improvements to the company’s production workflow with state-of-the-art automated systems goods tracking.

The center also permits further expansion of Eurotempest production- and NATO TEMPEST measurement capabilites as new products and technologies compliant with the NATO SDIP-27 and EU IASG 7-03 standards are added to the Eurotempest offering.

The facility with its four-chamber TEMPEST setup complements Eurotempest’s dual-chamber facility in Linköping, Sweden, making Eurotempest the leading supplier of EU- and NATO TEMPEST in Europe.

The classified EU and NATO TEMPEST standards mandate how products should be measured in order to comply with regulatory requirements for compromising emanations when IT equipment is used for protecting classified defense- or government information. Eurotempest has the authority and capability to certify NATO and EU equipment up to and including NATO SDIP-27/2 Level A and EU IASG 7-03 Level A respectively. As a European company accredited to provide TEMPEST, Eurotempest is authorised to self-certify equipment up to and including EU IASG 7-03 Level A.

NATO list of approved TEMPEST vendors

EU council list of accredited TEMPEST companies

Modulus SFF5 Small Form Factor TEMPEST computer

SFF-5 TEMPEST computer
TEMPEST ultra-small form factor

We have now updated the configuration of our Ultra Small Form Factor (USSF) TEMPEST computer. SFF5-A has a very small footprint on the desktop, but still offers high-performance specifications equal to those found in standard desktop systems. The SFF5-A is highly configurable and comes with a full range of configuration options depending on the user’s needs.

Download the Modulus SFF5-A computer product sheet  for detailed information.

TMC2-A TEMPEST media converter

The Modulus TMC2-A is a high-speed media converter, converting from copper-based Ethernet to Fiber Ethernet. The converter is completely transparent to the network, meaning that no converter-specific configuration of the network is required.  The TMC2-A sports a small, convenient and lightweight TEMPEST enclosure. TMC2-A weighs a little more than 500 grams.

Download TMC2-A TEMPEST media converter data sheet PDF here

MBT-1 Rugged Mobile Briefing Table

The MBT-1 Mobile Briefing Table is a transportable interactive smart screen with integrated multi-touch system providing a multi user, collaborative surface for improvised command centres, incident rooms, briefing and training areas. The MBT-1 sports a large HD 42-inch LCD display, manufactured to the highest quality levels and designed for 24/7 continuous operation. Picture quality is enhanced by a 1920×1080 resolution, 3,000:1 DCR contrast ratio, 500 cd/m2 brightness, and a 178° ultra wide viewing angle.

The Briefing table is packaged in a single transportation housing incorporating the stand, cabling, accessories and certified protection from damage during transport. The MBT-1  Briefing Table can be mounted to operate in horizontal (table) or vertical (wall display) modes.

For more info on the mobile briefing table please contact

Modulus RCL31-A rugged TEMPEST laptop

The Modulus LC31-A is based on one of the world’s most popular rugged notebooks – The Panasonic CF-31.

CF-31 Rugged TEMPEST laptop
CF-31 Rugged TEMPEST laptop

The LC31-A has a full daylight readable screen, a backlit keyboard and up to 20 hours of battery life. The Modulus C31-A is a flexible platform for rugged computing with a broad variety of configuration options. LC31-A comes with an optional TEMPEST docking station, giving the entire system full TEMPEST features, including fiberoptic connectivity to the host network.
LC31-A is avaliable in TEMPEST level A, B and C versions.