Eurotempest logitistics center

Eurotempest has expanded its Nuenen facility with a logistics center in Nuenen, the Netherlands.
The center expands Eurotempest’s delivery capacity and makes additional improvements to the company’s production workflow with state-of-the-art automated systems goods tracking.

The center also permits further expansion of Eurotempest production- and NATO TEMPEST measurement capabilites as new products and technologies compliant with the NATO SDIP-27 and EU IASG 7-03 standards are added to the Eurotempest offering.

The facility with its four-chamber TEMPEST setup complements Eurotempest’s dual-chamber facility in Link√∂ping, Sweden, making Eurotempest the leading supplier of EU- and NATO TEMPEST in Europe.

The classified EU and NATO TEMPEST standards mandate how products should be measured in order to comply with regulatory requirements for compromising emanations when IT equipment is used for protecting classified defense- or government information. Eurotempest has the authority and capability to certify NATO and EU equipment up to and including NATO SDIP-27/2 Level A and EU IASG 7-03 Level A respectively. As a European company accredited to provide TEMPEST, Eurotempest is authorised to self-certify equipment up to and including EU IASG 7-03 Level A.

NATO list of approved TEMPEST vendors

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