Modulus T 2405 Level A monitor

2405xEurotempest has added a 24-inch monitor to its range of TEMPEST level A products. Modulus T 2405-A is a standard 24-inch TEMPEST LED monitor based on HP’s professional and reliable 2405 series of monitors. Special features include a very high dynamic contrast ratio, plus the fact that the monitor can be twisted 90 degrees to facilitate portrait-mode edititing.

Download the data sheet for  Modulus T 2405-A TEMPEST monitor.


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Eurotempest SDIP-55 certified

Eurotempest B.V. is now formally accredited to SDIP-55 according to NATO:s publications for appointing and accrediting TEMPEST test authorities. The accreditation is ratified by the national TEMPEST Authority (NTA) in the Netherlands. The accreditation process focuses primarily on qualifying and controlling products to meet the requirements of Level A and Level B.