Eurotempest releases ET-SPS, a high-assurance pull-printing solution aimed at customers with high-assurance demands on their IT infrastructure. TZ 551-A is an optimal solution for organisations seeking to significantly reduce their printing costs and the corresponding environmental footprint without compromising formal security policies.

The ET-SPS Secure Printing System from Eurotempest makes use of evaluated and field-proven authentication stack, supporting bespoke Smart Card formats or other national token-based authentication systems.

Based on Eurotempest’s current TEMPEST technology and Crypto design expertise, a standard COTS pull-printing architecture has been modified and enhanced with high-assurance tunneling protocols and strong client authentication functions to meet formal evaluation criteria required for processing and printing National, EU or NATO classified material.

The TZ 551-A secure printer is one of the first products coming out of this initiative. The secure printer is based on a standard HP 500-series networking printer, enhanced with TEMPEST and cryptographic functions to support the implementation of a commercial pull-printing solution.

Product sheet: TZ 551A secure printer

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